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Right Nutrition for Lyme Disease to recover faster:


  Lyme disease is an infection caused by bacteria that gets into the skin via deer ticks. The infection generates a lot of signs and symptoms that in later stages can be life threatening.

 Patients have different reactions, but almost all of them pass by the same symptoms, one of the things that is very common, is that the immune system is depressed.

Part of the disease goes with the inflammation of the big bowel, if your gut is not working, how can you absorb nutrients?

That is why changing to a specific carbohydrate diet will help Lyme patients to restore their health, and it is very important to give an extra attention about right nutrition for Lyme disease.

This specific diet is based on a gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free food, that will restore the bowel to a normal activity, decreasing and finally getting rid of the inflammation.

Basically it is a diet to treat any disease that produces big bowel inflammation, like Celiac disease, Crohns disease, Diverticulitis, Lyme disease and others.

The way the diet will work is diminishing the bowel inflammation, allowing the absorption of nutrients and with this improvement in the arrival of nutrients to the blood stream the immune system will get stronger.

With a better immune system the patient can lead better with the infection  caused by the spirochetes and then be more prone to be cured or at least in a much better health than without the diet. 


The sequence is:

  • Injured bowel mucous membrane-won’t be able to digest some complex carbohydrates like bread, rice, etc.. 
  • Energy source for bacteria- Unbroken carbohydrates are an excellent energy source for harmful bacteria that multiplies and will create further damage. 
  • Mucus Secretion- this is a defensive mechanism of the mucus membrane to protect against the acid, but also prevents the digestion of carbohydrates, which makes a vicious cycle. 
  • Malabsorption of nutrients- weakening the immune system. 
  • Immune reaction- the bowel cells produce substances that create an autoimmune response that is the cause of the inflammation and then of increase permeability  that can lead to more inflammatory bowel disease.


In this way, if a non inflammatory diet is eaten, the bowel will be able to digest the complex carbohydrates and the immune system will be reinforced and able to fight the Lyme disease.

More into Ingredients of right nutrition for Lyme disease:

The diet is a gluten free diet which means wheat is not allowed, also casein, that is the protein of dairy products and any kind of sugar.

Other things to avoid will be corn, soy, and fiber from grains including the bran.

The right nutrition for Lyme disease can be obtained from fiber of vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Use unsaturated fats like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, butter from grass feed cows, avocados and some kind of nuts and seeds.

The only substitute for the sugar is stevia that is obtained of the honey leaf and of course all the sugars that come in the organic, natural food we eat.

All the vegetables and fruits must be organic, never touched by pesticides.

Meat must come from farm animals that live in healthy conditions and that are fed with real food

To live free of Lyme disease you must allow your gut to be inflammation free and this can only be achieved by eating healthy, organic and specific food.



Surgical Options to Lose Weight

           What are surgical options to lose weight? and Is the decision right, to go for surgery for weight loss? If so who should go? what are the criteria? what procedure suits best for you? All these questions revolve in the mind of obese/over weight people, who decide to lose weight.While the spread of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases has been rampant, a positive outcome is the increased awareness about maintaining health and managing weight. Though, proper diet and adequate exercise remain the best methods for reducing weight, for some people these methods might not work. These include people who cannot exercise due to injury or deformity, have concurrent illnesses that preclude any physical activity or are too obese to be managed with diet and exercise alone. If any of this seems familiar to you, do not lose hope just yet! There's Coolsculpting!

Anti snoring devices enlisted -Find your snoring solution!


          Anti snoring devices created a big buzz in the recent times all over the world as snoring has become a common, and some times serious concern for most of them. Snoring is defined as abnormal vibration of the respiratory tract while sleeping. It can be on both the nasal cavity or oral cavity, depending on its cause. You might want to solve this problem either because your bed partner can’t bear it or because you lack restful sleep. Even more, recent medical researches showed that snoring increases the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. We gathered all the anti-snoring devices to show you which is best and which is to be avoided.
Anti snoring mouthpieces:

These anti snoring devices can be divided into three categories,

Bacteria that cause Lyme disease – Secret behind its long life


                     Lyme disease has quickly become the most common vector-borne disease since its identification in 1975 as a distinct disease. Borrelia burgdorferi is the bacteria that cause Lyme disease and is carried by its vector, the deer tick. The Lyme disease has deservedly grown into being one of the most despised diseases in North America because of its magnitude and scale of spread.

Snoring in Children – Know the causes and Treatment


                  Snoring is a hoarse or rough sound produced by the children when there is any obstruction in airways while sleeping. At present, about 15 % of children in their early ages snore. Generally the disorder found diminished after the age of 9. Snoring in children is a sign of difficulty in breathing during sleep. This is a major clinical symptom of regular episodes of gas exchange abnormalities that is found in about 3% of children having age of 2 to 8 years.


Causes of snoring in children

Snoring in children is the result of many factors. During sleep the muscles get relaxed but sometimes it becomes so relaxed that the airways get obstructed and enough air cannot pass through it. This interferes with

Lyme disease can cause hair loss- Fact or Myth


When you are diagnosed with Lyme disease and you experience hair loss, the first thing you do is to probably go over the internet and look for details to support your symptom. As harmless as it is, people are scared of hair loss. When asked if Lyme disease can cause hair loss, there are no enough explanations as to how a simple tick bite affects the body that hair loss takes place, but there are theories involved in it.

 However, the reports guarantee that hair lost due to Lyme disease will grow back to normal, as in its original vivacity. There are a number of hair loss cases of people diagnosed with Lyme disease, there are also cases that have not been reported. The question is, is it a fact or a myth?

Snoring and ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – Are They Interrelated?

Prelude to the link: A sound sleep is a prerequisite for healthy living. Most often children are at a risk of being over-diagnosed with ADHD, though the underlying cause may be inability to sleep well. When diagnosed with ADHD, parents of the child must be asked one question –“Is your child sleeping well?” Such children generally have sleep problems with complaints including having nightmares often, waking up feeling tired or sleep apnea and restless legs syndrome. In one study, 50% of the children with ADHD had some sleep-disorder. Other complaints of the children with ADHD as reported by another study mentioned that these children had difficulty in getting up, had more daytime sleepiness and snores.

Does Weather Changes Affect Lyme Disease Transmission?

There has been an unusual climate change for many years. But this year, the possibility of harsh winter and warmer spring are expected. On a malicious downside for Au­gusta vicinity, there will be a full blast of ticks waiting to bite a warm and fresh blooded meal. Yes, weather changes affect lyme disease. There has been a demonstration for tick examination done by Dr. Gary Wilkes on a 9-year-old Ginger on a Westside Animal Hospital.

Can Vaccinating Mice Prevent Lyme Disease

The cases of Lyme disease in America are on rise, that is why there have been studies being raised regarding the vaccination of mice to prevent Borrelia burgdorferi’s transmission. Borrelia is the cause of Lyme disease, and according to studies, vaccinating mice can reduce the incidence of infection. Let us go into the details.

Enlisting the Efficacy of Doxycycline Hyclate for Lyme Disease

A Preview-Lyme disease: Lyme disease is a vector-borne infection (common vectors being white-tailed deer, and other small mammals) caused by spirochete (Borrelia burgdorferi), which is transmitted to humans by bites of ticks belonging to Ixodes. Clinical manifestations may be both cutaneous and systemic, affecting the cardiovascular system, neurological and/or musculoskeletal system. Diagnosis of the disease is a challenge, and is often confirmed by Western Blot and ELISA Test. Managing the Lyme disease is also difficult and judicious use of antibiotics such as (doxycycline, and cephalosporins) is suggested by the guidelines. Avoiding the vectors is the best preventive strategy for Lyme disease. Treating Lyme disease with antibiotics relieves the symptoms and prevents sequelae. In nearly all the cases, antibiotics can treat Lyme disease, even in later stages.